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Actual Reports!!!

The following links are actual reports generated by Photometrics Pro. Reports can be customized to calculate only the data that you are interested in. Practically every element of the report can be customized. These reports can then be exported and used on websites or other applications. Product photos and web links can be added to the report to add user interaction with products and company info.

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Actual Reports!!!
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Click on the?links below to view an exported report.
Sample 1 Default report style, multiple types of photometric data, and an image that has been inserted to the document.
Sample 2 By changing the report style sheet and using custom settings, the report?is generated to match the rest of a company web site, including a custom report heading. elevator shoes
Sample 3 A report is generated in plain black and white simplicity. Also, data represented in LUX and Meters. (C) , jSolutions, Inc All Rights Reserved.