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Filebuilder Add-in Tool   

Edit and create photometric data files with an easy to use Windows interface. The add-in tool creates a toolbar on the Photometrics Pro main window. This toolbar allows quick and easy file editing of the selected file or the ability to create a new photometric file. FileBuilder includes a complete help system and hovering tooltips to help users understand how to use the program and also what the file properties mean.


Key Features

   Creates Photometrics Pro Add-in Toolbar:Photometrics Pro Lighting Analysis Software

   Update files to current LM-63 specification

   Create new files from scratch or from existing files

   Edit all photometric properties using familiar Windows interface

   Easily prorate lamp lumens

   Visually edit candela data similiar to using MS Excel

   Create default keyword templates

   Convert photometric types and much more

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1. Keyword editing screen shot
Photometrics Pro Lighting Analysis Software

2. File Properties Editing
Photometrics Pro Lighting Analysis Software

3. Candela Value and Angle Editing
Photometrics Pro Lighting Analysis Software

4. File Save Screen Shot
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