Photometrics Pro - Luminaire Reporting Software

Photometrics Pro is a software package for reporting luminaire performance from manufacture's photometric files. Browse/search data, compare luminaire performance, create customized luminaire reports, and much more. These reports are ideal for websites, spec sheets, and engineering documents.


Key Features

  • Compare side-by-side luminaire performance.
  • Create very presentable luminaire reports.
  • Search, browse, and organize your photometric data.
  • Data fully labeled, easy to read, and tooltips explain data.

Locating Photometric Files

  • Browse photometric data by file name and contents.
  • Open/browse entire directories of files.
  • Drag and drop photometric files.
  • Search across directories by filename and luminaire data.

Luminaire Reports

  • Data labeled, organized, and easy to read.
  • Report on indoor, outdoor, and flood data.
  • Customize report data or use a report template.
  • Compare multiple reports in the same window.
  • Change appearance/colors/logos.
  • Export or copy to various formats.

Create and Edit Photometric Data

Report Contents

  • Labeled and grouped keywords, lamp/ballast info, angle/data/type summaries.
  • Candela table with colored distribution text.
  • Indoor: Utilization chart, zonal lumens, lumen summary, CIE class.
  • Roadway: Utilization plot, illuminance roadway layout, lumen distribution, cutoff, range, type, and more.
  • Flood: Iso Candela Plot, nema type, beam and efficiency summary, LU table, Axial CA.
  • Other Plots: Isoilluminance, polar plot, cartesian plot.
  • Footcandle or LUX, Feet or Meters.

Smart Keywords

By adding keyword links to your photometric data, luminaire reports can present specification sheets, web pages, and other media to the end user. See 1st screenshot with an example file link.

Favorites List

Bookmark, describe, and organize your favorite files and folders in a single list. This allows for one-click navigation to items of interest on a local or network drive. Favorite files can then be browsed, sorted, and grouped by their photometric properties and usage.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

Supported Formats

  • All IESNA Formats, Type: A, B, C

Screen Shots

Screen Shot

Report Designer - General Settings
Report Designer - Photometry Options

Screen Shot

Screen Shot