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Luminaire Analysis Software

jSolutions, Inc. offers easy-to-use software for the lighting industry. Our software is used to report and visualize luminaire performance based on lighting manufacturers' photometric data files. Photometric data can be in IESNA or EULMDAT formats. Photometric data files can be obtained from most lighting manufacturers or lighting reps. We also offer an add-on program to create your own photometric data.

Photometrics Pro makes it easy to compare luminaire performance, easily browse/search photometric data, create customized reports, and even create your own photometric library.

Photometrics Pro
Complete luminaire performance evaluation and reporting software. A perfect aid in lighting design.  More

FileBuilder Add-in Tool

Create and edit IESNA formatted photometric files. More

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 Photometrics Pro

Complete luminaire reporting

 FileBuilder Add-in Tool

 IES file editing tool

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