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Consulting and Custom Software

jSolutions offers software consulting and custom software solutions for all industries. Offering experience with windows applications, web sites, web applications, database programming, and more. We currently develope with the latest Microsoft technologies such as the .NET Framework and XML(Extensible Markup Language) to create modern, fast, and robust solutions to your software needs.

Add-in Tools are components that run from within the Photometrics Pro user interface to make the software an even more productive tool. Customized add-in tools can be created to view specific calculations, browse your companies photometrics, enable database features, and anything else you can think of. For more info see: Tour/Add-ins, Downloads

Software Support and User Feedback

We have an email based support system to answer any questions before and after purchase. Any reported bugs or suggestions are greatly appreciated as we are interested in any industry feedback.

Send all support Issues: 

Please Include: Software version, sample photometric file, or any other info that will aid in problem diagnose/resolution.

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